Call for Young Adult Nonfiction Book Proposals

Nomad Press, an independent publisher of children’s nonfiction books, is seeking proposals for nonfiction books for young adults ages 14 to 18. Topics we’d like to see include but are not limited to: stories of scientific discovery; stories of people (esp. minorities) making strides in different disciplines such as science, social justice, or economics; stories of historical episodes that have not yet been written for this age group. We’d also love to discover excellent writing on not-yet-imagined-by-us subjects. We do not want self-help, motivational, spiritual texts, or similar.

Proposal should include:

Overview of project
Chapter outline
Two sample chapters
Author bio
Competitive title analysis
Target audience
Marketing initiatives

Material should be sent via email to 

Hard copy queries may be sent to:

Andi Diehn
Nomad Press
2456 Christian Street
White River Junction, VT 05001